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Irongates Cane Corso was created for one single reason - to pair unique, top notch Cane Corsos with potential owners who are looking for the pet of their dreams. The Cane Corso Breed is known for its loyalty, loving but protective nature, and most of all it's beauty. Our Corso's come in a variety of colors and  temperaments. If you want a house dog, a work dog  or guard dog, you have come to the right place.


Our clients are very happy to take their puppies to their furever home and then realize they have a lifelong companion.  Corso's majestic look and beauty will cause you to fall in love with them.  Their super intelligent, so start training young. Puppies are just like toddlers, start your training immediate and be patient as they will pickup very quickly.  Also, be very consistent in your training.  No worries when it come to kids, Corso's  heart are very affectionate with kids and other pets.  However, their protective mode kicks in, when they need to protective you.

   Our facility operates out of Virginia, however our Corso family expands throughout the country.  Our new facility is currently under construction and a training facility is in our future.  We also offer delivery service via ground transportation and air. Irongates is committed to quality service and breeding perfection. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you become a part of Team Gates.  Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

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All puppies come with tails docked, first rounds of shots, dewormed, dewclaw removed, and a health guarantee. Ear cropping and microchip available please inquire about the fee. 

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